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Things to Know Before Buying Reusable Coffee Cups

Things to Know Before Buying Reusable Coffee Cups
You've probably heard of brands like KeepCup, Yeti, and Thermos, but there's more to it than names. In Australia, it's no secret that we love a cup of coffee, but our café culture isn't exactly conducive to the environment. It turns out that 2.7 million coffee cups are thrown away every day, most of which end up in landfills or on the streets, where they release methane as they decompose.

A reusable coffee mug can help curb the environmental impact of your daily caffeine cravings, and a good coffee mug can even keep your morning coffee hot on the go. Here's what's worth knowing before you shell out your money.

glass coffee cups with lid

Reasons to Use Reusable Coffee Cups
Disposable coffee cups are lined with a thin layer of plastic to keep the paper waterproof. But it also makes them difficult to recycle, which is why they often end up being thrown away.
Reusable cups, if you drink coffee regularly, reusable cups are a more environmentally friendly option. It can save energy and protect the environment.A study by the University of Victoria in Canada shows how many times you have to use a reusable cup to make it as energy efficient as producing paper cups. To do so, they created a 'break-even' matrix for the energy input to produce single-use paper cups versus reusable plastic, glass and ceramic cups.

The International Reference Center (CIRAIG) carried out a similar study on product, process and service life cycles in 2014. These results give slightly higher numbers for ceramic cups and some plastic cups, but they are still found to be a better choice for regular coffee drinkers.

glass coffee cups with lid

Advantages of reusable cups

1.Material safety and low cost
The glasses we make are all borosilicate, and most of the mugs we tested are made of stainless steel, which is strong and generally resistant to odors and stains, unlike some glass or plastic tumblers. It's also a great insulator, especially if the mug is double-walled, which will hold heat and hold it well. While glasses are usually cheaper, they don't keep heat for very long (even if the glass looks cool).
Some of the mugs we tested also contained plastic or silicone elements, usually on the lid or on the outside of the mug. The material of the cup and lid may also vary. High borosilicate materials are more environmentally friendly and economical in comparison.
2.BPA Free Claim
Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical that has been used in plastic production since the 1950s, has been shown by some studies to leach into food and beverages if it is used in storage containers such as reusable coffee cups middle. That's why our glasses are BPA free.
3.double wall
The double-walled cup helps keep it warm for longer by isolating it from the outer layer. This also helps reduce heat transfer between the liquid and your hand, making the mug easier to carry.
4.dishwasher safe: This saves time and water
5.Easy to carry and use
Reusable coffee mugs of a similar capacity may vary in height, but you'll find our glass mugs are just the right width and height for easy portability in the car or backpack, and it's more than enough if you want to use the mug to grab your coffee from a cafe Short to fit under the brew group of the coffee machine.
6.Lid retention and lid seal: prevents leaks

7.Recyclable: The material in our glasses is all recyclable

Reusable glass coffee cups